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semiš - Hrvatski jezični portal


sèmiš m DEFINICIJA na poseban način učinjena koža jelena, srne, divokoze; služi za izradu odjevnih predmeta ETIMOLOGIJA njem. Sämischleder ≃ sämisch: ...

mwewe - Swahili-english dictionary


[Swahili Word] mwewe [Swahili Plural] mwewe [English Word] kite (bird) [English Plural] kites [Part of Speech] noun [Class] 9/10an [Terminology] ornithology ...

Jital - Historical dictionary of Medieval India


A billon coin introduced by Iltutmish in the Delhi sultanate. It contained 3.6 grains of silver. A jital carried a lower level of silver content than that of the dihliwal ...

adjournment - English-Tagalog new dictionary


Look at other dictionaries: adjournment — I noun adjournal, break, continuation, deferment, dilatio, discontinuation, extension, hold over, intermission, ...

undoubted - English-Tagalog new dictionary


Look at other dictionaries: Undoubted — Un*doubt ed, a. Not doubted; not called in question; indubitable; indisputable; as, undoubted proof; undoubted hero.

debate poetry - Encyclopedia of medieval literature


Debate poetry was a medieval tradition characterized by an argument or discussion between two opposed parties. The issue of the debate might be a serious ...

Sharqi Dynasty - Historical dictionary of Medieval India


It was established by Khwaja Jahan Sultan us Sharq, who was appointed to Jaunpur in 1394 by Sultan Mah mud Tughlaq (1394 1412). His adopted son, Malik ...

loquacious - English-Tagalog new dictionary


Look at other dictionaries: Loquacious — Lo*qua cious, a. [L. loquax, acis, talkative, fr. loqui to speak; cf. Gr. ? to rattle, shriek, shout.] 1. Given to continual talking ...

gnomic verse - Encyclopedia of medieval literature


The term gnomic (meaning "sententious" or "aphoristic") was originally applied to ancient Greek poets like Solon and Theognis, who wrote short moralistic ...

glass cockpit - Aviation dictionary


An aircraft cockpit that has a number of multicolored displays instead of conventional instruments. A typical glass cockpit of a wide bodied aircraft.

См. accelerated cost recovery system


См. accelerated cost recovery system...

JHMX | Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


Alabama Power Company (Regional » Railroads)...
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  • Sei­te

    Substantiv, feminin – 1a. eine von mehreren ebenen Flächen, … 1b. linke oder rechte, vordere oder … 1c. rechter oder linker flächiger Teil … via…

  • de­rer

    „deren“ oder „derer“?„deren“ (vorangestelltes Genitivattribut): mit … via forma full 5 Manage Unsubscribe from these…

  • -seits

    Suffix – 1. vonseiten der/des …; auf … … 2. bezeichnet in Bildungen mit Substantiven, … via forma full 5 Manage…

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