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Create RSS-channel for your website and attract subscribers and traffic through RSS readers and news aggregators

Feeds for Web Publishers

Create RSS feeds for your Website to attract subscribers and content distribution

Basic RSS 2.0

$0 USD absolutely free

Basic RSS

Create a basic RSS feed for any Website.

Google Publisher Center

$0 USD absolutely free

Publisher Center

Promote and monetize your website content through Google News Publisher Center.

Yandex Turbo-Pages

$0 USD absolutely free

Yandex Turbo

Create your optimized content for Yandex Mobile Search.

Yandex Zen

$0 USD absolutely free

Yandex Zen

Feed-based spread your awesome content with Yandex Zen.

Yandex News

$0 USD absolutely free

Yandex News

Provide your news content to Yandex News and other compatible news aggregation platforms.

RSS from Social Networks

Keeping track of Social Networks using RSS 2.0, which is compatible with any RSS reader

Twitter RSS

$0 USD absolutely free

Twitter to RSS

Create RSS feeds of Twitter accounts that your interested in.

Youtube RSS

$0 USD absolutely free

Youtube to RSS

Receive a list of the latest videos uploaded to Youtube channels.


$0 USD absolutely free


An easy way to access the list of public posts on VK.

Reddit RSS

$0 USD absolutely free

Reddit to RSS

Keep up to date with Reddit community topics.

Updateable RSS Feeds

Create updateable feeds for your websites for submitting to any services


from $1 USD a month

Select Plan

Price in USD: 1.0

Create RSS feeds with daily content updates

Ready-to-use feed permalink

Automated feed updates

Setting up UTM tracking code

Multi-channel distribution and powerful Management Tools

How does RSS Generator work?

Generator indexes specified page and discovered links, converting HTML-code into RSS 2.0 format according to the chosen parameters. As a result of indexing, you get a perfect RSS-feed which can be ready by any RSS-aggregator.

Create your RSS-channels for any website or separate sections – news, blogs, ads, files, and others.

Additionally, our generator allows creating full-text RSS-feeds for exporting data to Google and Yandex services.

Supports full-text RSS feeds for Google News Producer, Yandex News, Yandex Zen & Yandex Turbo Pages.

The process of creating RSS feeds is very simple:

Choose a page of your website, where the content is regularly updated (for example, news page)

Convert it into RSS feed. To automatically update RSS feed – create updateable RSS-channel in your account

Attract subscribers by providing RSS-channel on your website and promoting it into popular online-aggregators.

Generate RSS-feeds for free or create updateable RSS-channels:

personal news

website sections

search results

And many others – this is the most advanced and convenient way to distribute information about updates on your websites.

How it works?



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